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Writing, program notes, lectures

Mr. Huff's program notes and lectures are renowned for being exciting, engaging, accessible, and - when appropriate - witty or funny. Because of Mr. Huff's background in music education, they differ in tone and voice depending on the intended audience, but always strike a chord with the readers. To see samples of Mr. Huff's program notes, to inquire about printing or commissioning notes from Mr. Huff, or to book Mr. Huff for a pre-concert lecture, please click here.


Maestro Huff's books are listed below:

Music That Matters


Music That Matters, 3rd Edition, is a music appreciation textbook geared towards young people (grades 6-12, ages 10-18). No prior knowledge of music is necessary and one does not need to read music to follow this course of study that begins in the medieval period and runs right up to the year of publication (2008), Pope Gregory the Great to John Corigliano. The book is available in two volumes for easier classroom use, and a study guide and three-volume CD set of listening examples are also available separately, as is a CD-ROM of 40 PowerPoint slideshows meant to assist teachers in presenting each of the chapters to students. Click HERE to learn more or to make a purchase.

The Tao of Conducing


Inspired by some of his great teachers, his own explorations into Taoism and other eastern philosophies, and three of his favorite books (Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching, John Heider's The Tao of Leadership, and Diane Dreher's The Tao of Personal Leadership), Maestro Huff is writing his own practical application of Taoist philosophy for conductors and musical leaders, The Tao of Conducting. An adaptation of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching with musical analogies, examples, and real-life examples of applications in rehearsal and performance, The Tao of Conducting will be available soon.

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